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Entry #1

Is NG attractive for artists?

2012-12-14 08:45:16 by SoundChris

Hey folks,

after having posted a comment accidentially within the wrong forum and asking the administrators just to delet it my new track has been zerobombed down by him to a level where noone ever will listen to it again. Meanwhile that zero bombing shit really pisses me off. Every 3 Weeks someone downloads all my stuff and constantly zerobombs everything.

Dont know how you guys see this. But meanwhile i dont really know if it makes sence for an artist to publish something again on ng or it would be better to use another platform. I think its time for ng to solve that prob...


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2012-12-14 08:57:14

I have to say I'm sorry about that. :< Unfortunately, it's not much better on other sites. I can say some things that could help though.

1. Audio Advertisement Thread.
2. Review Request Club.
3. Contests, if you have the time! If you win one, you'll probably get a good influx of fans!
4. Requesting reviews from people who you know give good reviews.

I can tell you that I'll put a link to your profile on my next news post when I release another song, because I honestly think that you deserve more exposure. ^_^ You're really good.

SoundChris responds:

Hey SkyWintrest,

thanks for your helpful comment and sympathies. Maybe your right and i should try to do some contests etc. I really appreciate your work, reviews and comments!


2012-12-14 09:38:10

Your stuff is comfortably over 4/5, and you say that you get zerobombed every 3 weeks? That's not very frequent.

How do you think NG should solve the problem of people zerobombing?

(Updated ) SoundChris responds:

I know its a difficult question and i have spent some time to make some ideas. The problem is, that on the one hand its good to keep the system democratic and its necessary to have the possibility to say that you dislike something. But lots of people just zerobomb because they have fun to destroy your piece.
Maybe it would be good if you would have to write a short comment to show why they think the piece would be so bad. Constructive criticism is important and a good thing, even if someone tells you, your work is rubbish. Maybe it would be better if zerobombing could not be able to be done totally anonymous... well i know thats a difficult point...

I know my ratings could be worse and a lot of really good artists even get less appreciation than i do, so it may look strange if i complain. But i just wantet to know what people out there think about that point. Thanks a lot for your comment!


2012-12-14 10:27:43

I zero-bomb my own stuff. It never makes it any worse. You're putting too much emphasis on three inconsequential numbers, if you're a good artist, then people will listen to your stuff. Scoring system has never been much of an indicator about anything.


2012-12-14 10:27:45

I zero-bomb my own stuff. It never makes it any worse. You're putting too much emphasis on three inconsequential numbers, if you're a good artist, then people will listen to your stuff. Scoring system has never been much of an indicator about anything.

SoundChris responds:

I know what you mean, but if the rates are to low noone will listen to the tracks again because they wont be shown whithin the search-categories.


2012-12-14 10:38:16

Unfortunately, Lintire, those inconsequential numbers determine whether your music is more easily found. Highly rated music shows up first when you look in its category - as a result, more people are likely to listen to it.

Chris, I think I had talked about the comment-for-low-votes before. Even if that were still anonymous, it would be more beneficial. Zerobombing might still occur and people would post random insults in it, but it would slow down some of the zerobombing due to the zerobombers having to put in more effort than clicking a single button.

I don't agree that zerobombing shouldn't be anonymous. That's part of the point of the voting system to begin with, and if it's not anonymous, the score may as well be based only on reviews (hey, there's an idea...).

(Updated ) SoundChris responds:

I am absolutely d` accord with that


2012-12-14 10:58:04

>Score goes down
>Someone is zerobombing

(Updated ) SoundChris responds:

Score goes down = Normal.

Score goes down from 4,7 after 150 votes to 4,5 after 151 votes = zerobombing :D


2012-12-14 11:17:02

I understand that zerobombing can be quite damaging to your feelings, but I'd be careful when thinking that you're being targetted since it's not a pretty road to go down. But yeah, for the audio portal I tend to filter through number of listens and scores, so it's more damnable than stuff in the art portal, where you can get an idea about whether you like a pic from the thumbnail alone.

About writing a short comment when getting a zero review, it kind of loses the point of that voting system, that it's meant to be a throwaway vote with little or no thought behind it. If people had to give a reason for downvoting, you'd see a lot of crap stuff that starts getting better scores like 2-3 - which shouldn't happen. Stuff that (legitimately) gets 0 and 1 votes is likely to be total junk, and not worth detailed feedback as something worth 2-3.

I think you also mentioned that feedback is a lot more useful than scores, and that's why I tend to favour reviews. The comments from reviews provide a better impression to your work, can help you (or not) and is a more personal response.

I'd rather see a 1 user, 1 vote system, which can be overwritten when your voting power or opinion changes, to prevent people doing repeat attacks.

SoundChris responds:

1 user - 1 vote would solve many problems!


2012-12-14 12:33:17

Turkey's assessment is dead wrong. Much too kind toward trolls on this site who have no reason to 0 bomb; they just do it. Not to mention the 0 bombers who do so cuz they want their stuff seen. However, the idea is solid of one vote per user and he, as a mod, should present it to the staff.


2012-12-14 15:15:11

I'm not hugely willing to commit to one of my throwaway ideas, but you're free to suggest it.
Being a mod doesn't make my opinon on the site any stronger, and the audio guys have more of a problem with it than I do.


2012-12-14 17:13:05

I'm on here for almost 5 years, and I haven't complain much on 0 bombing, why you then?

(Updated ) SoundChris responds:

you know i think artists would like to get some resonance to their work and if zerobombing causes that noone views their tracks so there wont be any feedback. I think thats the real problem.


2012-12-14 18:18:47

dem0lecule - Because he finds it really annoying and wants to try to find a way to make it less of a problem?

(Updated ) SoundChris responds:

It would be especially good if people would dislike music because they dont like it instead of downloading everything and thank it with 0 oder even give 0 without any reason connected to the track