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Wish You a happy new Year!

12/30/12 by SoundChris

Hey there,

first i wanted to thank everyone of you for your support! My first 6 months @ Newgrounds wouldn´t have been same fun without you! So thanks a lot for all the reviews, votes, downloads, friend-requests and follows. I will try to improve my composing techniques and hope to entertain you well :D

My new-year present for you:



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I really appreciate the reviews you've given me, and I enjoy your piano work very much. I just added you to my favorite artists. :)

5/22/13 SoundChris responds:

Hey there - long time no see! Thanks a lot for your kindness. Sorry for my inactivity - had a lot of trouble to solve and lots of work, but i am looking forward to have more time for musics again in the near future. I will definitely give more reviews to you soon - promise :D



Your survey entry: 50

4/28/13 SoundChris responds:

Nice Entry - Thanks a lot :D