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Art inspired Music Contest

2013-05-25 04:59:12 by SoundChris

Hello there,

it has been a while since my last audio, but now i have finished something new. I do participate in the A.i.m. Contest and had lots of fun while creating this track:

The track shell convert this picture into music: ging-above

In my opinion this artwork painted by splosh999 is really an awesome masterpiece. Check him out - he is an incredible talented artist!

So i hope you guys enjoy the track. I have put much effort in this project (3 hard days of working), had to solve lots of cpu / performance problems because Symphonic Choirs really needs a lot of hardware-resources. So i tried to finish the project before i will change to my new iMac. I had to edit the piece in three different instances of logic studio: Two for the Choir, and one for the Orchestration, and had to bounce and import the Choir as Wave into the Orchestra Arrangement ... finally ... its done ...

Please tell me what you think about the track - i am quite proud of it :D

P.s.: Thanks for all the zerobombing ...


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2013-05-29 03:41:49

your track sux

SoundChris responds:

definitely :D


2013-05-30 01:01:34

wow tht guy is a asshole i think hes the1 tht sux dont lisen to dem xpress urslef dont repress urself

SoundChris responds:

Hey ZipZipper,

thanks a lot for trying to protect me, but Elitistinen was just kidding - simply a missunderstanding :D


2013-05-30 23:51:22



2013-05-31 11:04:59

I know, I'm just kidding too. Except not because look at how he lol's at me!!! Meanie!!!!


2013-06-17 11:19:24

You chose an awesome art piece. I can't listen to your composition right now, but I'm excited to hear your interpretation.

And kudos on the hard work. Editing in three instances would be so frustrating! Hopefully that iMac does you some good. :)

SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot! Btw i really like the art piece you have chosen. I want to check out to do some ethnical music soon, too. I have purchased CCC2 and selected EWQL RA as on of the instruments. Hope it will be fun ...

Your art piece somhow reminds me of the scenery of emmerichs 10.000 bc. Just awesome!

P.s.: Sorry for my late answer - sometimes i am a little bit out of it :D