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New Equipment :D

2013-07-01 15:28:05 by SoundChris

Good News!!!

Finally i decides to improve my library-collection. It was a little bit hard to get the money together but i finally purchased my most wanted EastWest Quantum Leaps Instruments:

- Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass and Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds
- Ra
- Stormdrum 2
- Ministry of Rock 2

OMG ... just a few days and i will finally hold the Pack in my hands ... i could die for the sound of the Hollywood Series. The possibillities ... the emotions ... the fun ... o lord let it be weekend soon!


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2013-07-01 19:06:50

Sounds like someone found out about the CCC2 :3
Great news, man, can't wait to hear your updated stuff soon!

SoundChris responds:

Hey there! I am so excited about all those new instruments. The only thing still missing is a good jazz brass - section. I thought about getting mojo horn sections. If i remember correctly my friend Skye told me that you are an awesom brass-player. So if you want we could join forces someday and create some epic jazz-project - would be an honour !


2013-07-03 11:48:18

Absolutely, it would equally be my pleasure to partake in a collab with you. PM me whenever you feel like doing one such project! :P

SoundChris responds:

Coolio! I will do :D


2013-07-04 13:14:26

Congrats! Ra is a lot of fun, and O.o with all the hollywood stuff. I'll get that when I'm rich. XD

(Updated ) SoundChris responds:

Thanks :D Right at the moment you do not have to be rich - it was the Complete Composer Collection 2 and it is reduced to 30 % still for some days. Otherwise it would have been to expensive. I am looking forward to do some orchestral works with hollywood - i hope it will be as much fun as i expect it. I also plan to improve my knowledge about music theory and orchestrating and think about buying the Books "Professional Orchestration". Maybe it will be to heavy ...