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New Equipment :D

7/1/13 by SoundChris

Good News!!!

Finally i decides to improve my library-collection. It was a little bit hard to get the money together but i finally purchased my most wanted EastWest Quantum Leaps Instruments:

- Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass and Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds
- Ra
- Stormdrum 2
- Ministry of Rock 2

OMG ... just a few days and i will finally hold the Pack in my hands ... i could die for the sound of the Hollywood Series. The possibillities ... the emotions ... the fun ... o lord let it be weekend soon!


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Congrats! Ra is a lot of fun, and O.o with all the hollywood stuff. I'll get that when I'm rich. XD

7/5/13 (Updated 7/5/13) SoundChris responds:

Thanks :D Right at the moment you do not have to be rich - it was the Complete Composer Collection 2 and it is reduced to 30 % still for some days. Otherwise it would have been to expensive. I am looking forward to do some orchestral works with hollywood - i hope it will be as much fun as i expect it. I also plan to improve my knowledge about music theory and orchestrating and think about buying the Books "Professional Orchestration". Maybe it will be to heavy ...

Absolutely, it would equally be my pleasure to partake in a collab with you. PM me whenever you feel like doing one such project! :P

7/3/13 SoundChris responds:

Coolio! I will do :D

Sounds like someone found out about the CCC2 :3
Great news, man, can't wait to hear your updated stuff soon!

7/3/13 SoundChris responds:

Hey there! I am so excited about all those new instruments. The only thing still missing is a good jazz brass - section. I thought about getting mojo horn sections. If i remember correctly my friend Skye told me that you are an awesom brass-player. So if you want we could join forces someday and create some epic jazz-project - would be an honour !