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NGADM 2013 ! ! !

7/23/13 by SoundChris

Hey everyone,

i made it through the auditions of the Newground Audio Death Match this year and started to work on my first-round piece. With my good friend SkyeWintrest i really got a hard and skilled opponent and so it will be a very heavy challenge. I will try something new so just stay tuned and plz hold your fingers crossed for me!!!


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Yeah, man. Pretty good pairing. It sucks when a metal artist gets paired against a dubstep musician, two have nothing in common :P Aweosme man! you should definitely try metal! As awesome as you are at classical, I'd love to hear what you could do with heavy stuff.

And thank you very much! :) Same to you, best of luck, brother! :)



What. HOW DO YOU MUSIC SO FAST? D: I'm only about a minute and a half into mine.

7/23/13 (Updated 7/23/13) SoundChris responds:

My tracks have all been made within just max 3 days (Rapture 2,5 days, Kyrie 3 evenings). This piece will take longer because it is very complex and there are a lot of things to tweak and to edit. But the main construct is almost done and this is the most difficult part in my oppinion because now i know what i have to do. Now begins the fine tuning!

Btw - the length i think isnt as much important. if your 1,5 minutes are golden there is no prob! There are still ca 10 days remaining so relax :D



I'm tryin' something new tooooooooo. : D

7/23/13 SoundChris responds:

Curious what it will be! My piece is almost finished :D

I also made it through! My opponent is Braiton for this round. Just finished my song for round 1.

7/23/13 SoundChris responds:

Metal vs. Metal i see. Maybe i will try a metal piece, too, if i should be able to pass round 1. Just purchased Ministry of rock for this ... we will see :D

Good luck for your battle! Show everything you have got - per aspera ad astra!