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2013-07-26 08:40:33 by SoundChris



Georg-Christoph Schlee (Soundchris) is an award-winning composer for video games and movies and a german Lawyer. He is a classically trained pianist, violinist and singer with numerous international performances and uses this experience to create compositions blending classical elements with modern sounds. Georg-Christoph Schlee was born and raised in Regensburg (Ratisbone), Germany. He began his classical piano, violin and solo singing training early at the age of 6 and was later accepted into the internationally renowned concert choir “Regensburger Domspatzen“.

During his teenage years and early twenties, he performed in over 50 concerts with in a variety of orchestras and choirs and also as solo pianist and singer. During this time he developed a love for choral music traces of which can be found in several of his works. Georg-Christoph Schlee discovered his interest in composition at the age of 14, when he wrote and performed his first little piano works. Later he continued his professional musical training at a German Audio Engineering School located in Munich in order to improve his studio, recording and editing skills and kick off his career as a professional composer. Since videogames have always been another passion of Georg-Christoph, his musical focus are soundtracks for new games and game related movies. Chris believes that truly creative music can only be conceived by understanding as many genres as possible and experimenting with different combinations of them.



DAW:     Apple Logic Pro X Studio, Steinberg Cubase Pro 9, Avid Pro Tools 12

Notation: Staffpad, Avid Sibelius 7.5

Effects:   EastWest,  Sonnox , Izotope, Native Instruments, Melodyne, Krotos Ltd, Toneforge, Mercuriall



8Dio: Liberis 2.0, Requiem Pro, Lacrimosa, CAGE, Claire, Agitato, Hybrid Tools 1, Free Radicals, Misfit, Steinways Concert Grand Pianos, Forgotten Voices Barbary & Francesca, Studio Solo Violin, Dubstep I & II, Flowhouse I AcousticSampling: The Upright AudioGrocery: Logic X Toolkit Pro Bestservice: Mystica, Cantus, Shevannai, Forest Kingdom II, ERA II Limited, ERA - Vocal Codex, Ancient Era Persia, Chris Hein Italian Violin BigFish Audio / Motu: Mojo Horn Section BOOM Library: Horses, Medieval Weapons, Historical Firearms, Creatures, Magic, SciFi, Cinematic Darkness, Debris, Assault Rifles, Guns, Close Combat BoulderSounds: Celtic Pipes Cinematic Samples: Cinematic Strings 2, Cinematic Studio Strings Cinesamples: Cinestrings Solo, CineOrch, Tina Guo Cello Legato CryptoCipher: Tablas Tarang, Tablas EastWest: Hollywood Orchestra Diamond, Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Pianos Platinum, Symphonic Choirs + VOTA, Stormdrum 2 pro, Silk, Ra, Gypsy, Voices of Passion, Ministry of Rock II, Fab Four Evolution Series: Djembe Bass Darabuka, Ghuzeng, Taiko Embertone: Intimate Strings, Chapman Trumpet, Herring Clarinet, Charmer, Ocarina, Jubal Flute, Kalimba, Jug Drums, Sensual Sax, Mouth Trumpet Fablesounds: Broadway Lites 2.0 Heavyocity: Damage, Gravity & Vocalise, Evolved Series Ilya Efimov: Total Russian Bundle, Celtic Bundle, Armenian Duduk, Chinese Winds, Guitars, Basses ImpactSoundWorks: Shreddage II, SuperAudioCart Izotope: Ozone 6, Vinyl Krotos Ltd: Dehumaniser Pro Extended Native Instruments: Komplete Ultimate 10 Orange Tree Samples: Dracus, Pure Jazz Vibes, Passion Flute, Steel Slide, Acoustic Slide Orchestral Tools: Berlin Strings First Chairs Plogue: Chipsounds Premier Sound Factory: Harpsichord & Cembalo, Acoustic Bass Premier 2 ProjectSam: True Strike I, Animator, Orchestrator Samplemodeling: The Trumpet v3, The Trombone v3, The French Horn & Tuba v3, The Saxophones Sonokinetic: Capriccio, Vivace, Ostinato, Celesta, Toccata, Carnival, Speeldoos, Toll, Yiddish, Desert Voice, Guzün, Gidez, HAKA, Sultan Strings, Brazil Ciuca & Berimbau, Steelpan, Trailer Voices Soundiron: Drinking Piano, BeatBoxer, M1 Garand Assault Rifle Spitfire Audio: Albion One Strezov Sampling: Wotan, Freyja, Storm Choir I & II Complete, Rhodope 2, Macabre Strings, Tropar, Cornucopia 2,  Toontrack: EZDrummer 2, EZX Jazz, Latin, Hip-Hop, Indie, Nashville, Raggae, Metal! VSL: Upright Bass Xfer: Serum Yamaha: Vocaloid Prima, Avanna Zero-G: Cyberstorm



- System: Mac Pro 6.1 12-Core XEON E5, 64 GB ECC RAM, 1 TB PCIe based Flash Memory, Dual AMD

               Firepro D500 GPUs, Apple 27´´ Thunderbolt Display and 2 x Samsung BX2231 LED Displays


- Operating System: macOS 10.12.3 Sierra


- Storage: WD Essentials 500 GB USB 3 for NI Stuff and Kontakt Libraries

               2 x LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt External SSD 500 GB

               2 x Samsung EVO External USB 3 SSD 250 GB

               1 x Sony External USB 3 SSD 128 GB

               3 x WD 1 TB HDD used for Libraries / Backups / Manuals / Digital Books

               1 x WD My Book 4TB for Time Machine and Project Backups


- Notation: Staffpad on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Intel Core M, 128 GB and 4 GB RAM; Sibelius 7.5


- Miscellaneous:

               Interface: NI Komplete Audio 6

               Studioheadphones: Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

               Nearfield Monitors: Yamaha HS 7

               Keyboards and Synths: CME UF 80 + Waldorf Nano, Yamaha PSR 610

               LD Systems Sustain Pedal SP-1

               Breath Controller TEControl USB

               Studio Microphone Rode NT1-A + Popshield + LD Systems Absorber

               Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch 490 Art


- Field Recording / Foley / Sound Design:

               ZOOM H-5 Portable Recorder

               Sony Stereo Microphone ECM-MS907 + Sony portable Minidisc Recorder


  Picture: Mr. Achilles, Lead Orchestrator-Rabbit in charge



Concert Grand Piano, Violin, Nylon Acoustic Guitar, Soprano and Alto Recorders, Misc Perc, Chromonica


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2013-07-26 10:22:23

That's a lot of equipment. As far as sound quality goes, if you were to face me in a round, you'd crush me. All I do is make music on this rickety old computer.

(Updated ) SoundChris responds:

Hm i dont think that the sound quality is so important. Its just like all this new TV stuff like blu-ray / hd ... if a movie was really cool id doesnt matter to whatch it on a very old black-white screen. An old system even can create a very special feel. Almost any piece i have created was made with logic 8 pro only. Kyrie was the first one where ii tried out my firs libraries, but my system was to weak. When i worked in munich several months ago i could save enough money to finaly get this stuff together - now i am out of money again, but i am really looking forward to check out the possibilities :D

Btw. i really like your music - especially the Batille Royal Extended. Well done!What a pity that you didnt participate this year :(


2013-07-26 12:09:41

You're missing Omnisphere

SoundChris responds:

First i have to understand how Absynth, Massive etc work :D


2013-07-26 16:30:21

Thanks~ Well, I have to sit out this year because of the stresses of job-hunting and the things that come with it. I'm worried.... and it is for that reason that I have sat out this year's ADM.

SoundChris responds:

I really can understand that and hope everything will be fine with your job-hunt. I know this situation is very nerve-stretching with all the job applications ... be strong in that hard time - i am sure everything will be fine! *keeping the fingers crossed for you!*


2013-07-30 14:24:35

Uh... FREAKY? This is pretty much EVERYTHING I OWN. Replace the keyboard with an M-Audio 88 Keystation, and Ministry of Rock with Goliath, and you have my whole library. WEIRD, YO.

(Updated ) SoundChris responds:

I plan to get the CME UF80 Keyboard - if i will have some money again :p Already tested it and found it awesome. Goliath is definitely on my list. I also plan to get EWQL Spaces, Omnisphere and maybe Symphobia someday - but that can wait :D


2013-08-02 17:01:31

Omnisphere is boss man you should totally get it

SoundChris responds:

SKYE I PROMISE BY THE GRAVES OF ... Whatever i will buy someday :D


2013-08-04 10:00:11

Good gravy, that is an amazing set-up! <3

My whole library consists of EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, Goliath, and EZDrummer. I'm definitely thankful to have these, but it limits my ability to break into some genres that I'd really like to experiment with such as electronic music.

I hope you make it to round 2! I'd love to hear all that in action.

SoundChris responds:

I know that ... there were a lot of genres i didnt want to compose in just because i wanted a better sound result. Would be awesome to test out the instruments in the ngadm ... hope it will come that far :)

I am looking forward to hear what you will compose next!


2015-12-29 18:09:00

Sorry for bumping an old post, but that face.... 'that you, meep?

(Updated ) SoundChris responds:

No reason to apologize - i updated the post over the years. Yep thats me :)


2016-12-28 20:22:47

I'm almost envious of your setup! I work largely with whatever free samples I can get my hands on (I'm sort of destitute). No wonder your stuff sounds all pretty :P

SoundChris responds:

Thanks man. Well it took me 3 years to get everything together and now i finally can say that i am able to deliver in any possible genre / style. I mean - i am earning money with what i do so its not just some hobby anymore. And i have found out that the better the sound / music quality, the better is the chance to get interesting projects. There are some great free / affordable libraries out there these days and also the content of the DAWs is quite amazing (in my case the factory stuff of Logic Pro). But if you want to write stuff like medieval or ethnic having good sample libraries is just a must. Same goes for orchestral if you really wanna surrogate a live recording. If you ever have any questions about libraries, recommendations or just any tips dont hesitate to talk to me. I am a nerd in that field :D