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NGADM - Round 2: Epic Cinematic Action Track

2013-08-24 19:43:32 by SoundChris

Hey there people,

After i could win the first round in a really hard battle versus a good friend of mine, i now have finished my second piece for the NGADM 2013. Just as i promised: New Round - New genre: Now that i got the hard- and softwarepower i needed, i created a cinematic track (inspired by John Williams, Danny Elfmen, Hans Zimmer and of course Bosa!).

The story is about the "Sons of Valhall" of the nordic mythology. Its a track about the epic and eternal battle between the most powerful and brave warriors - the chosen ones for odins valhall, where they have feasts and battles until the end of time.

Hope you enjoy it. Honest reviews and votes are always much appreciated!


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2013-08-24 20:03:01

Quite epic...

SoundChris responds:

Its the most epicness i could create within the last 30 hours :D


2013-08-24 20:55:19

Also, it's not really action... so...

SoundChris responds:

when i created the track i was thinkin about exciting slug-racing-competitions ... maybe that influenced the piece a little bit! I imagined with much power those little creatures accelerate from 0.0 to 0.00000000000000000000000000001 Mph ... quite ... action-style!