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My Personal Musician of the Year 2013 award - New Track for Violin and Piano "Farewell"

2013-12-23 18:00:15 by SoundChris

Hey there,


unbelievable ... but again another year passed by. For me as a musician 2013 has been a good and creative year - even i almost had no time for music... The NGADM 2013 really helped me to try out lots of new styles, also i could upgrade my hard- and software immensely this year. Also i could meet  a lot of interesting people here on NG who compose within diverse genres .


I have decided to annually award my personal NG musician of the year. There will be no prize or something besides my cordial respect to the artist.

So: My personal musician of the year 2013 is




for making lots of different styles in very high quality. Versatility is something which is hard to find and her pieces always were beautiful and diversified. No other artist that i know composed that much "out of his comfort zone" than phoamz. She seemed always to be willing to break her limits and enter "new grounds". Especially her tracks Ascension and Dear Mario really moved me.

Because you are a fan of romantic piano music (chopin & debussy) this one is dedicated to you as kind of award:


(sorry for the composition not to be absolutely consequent, but that violin vst almost killed me ... :D )


Merry Christmas everybody!



P.s.: My goal for this year was to reach the milestone of 100 fans. There are still 12 to go. It would be absolutely awesome if i still could make it this year. So: If you wanna support me

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2013-12-23 18:13:42

Happy Christmas to you too. <3 And I agree with your choice of Phoamz -- I quite enjoy her work.

SoundChris responds:

Me 2. i am always glad if i see she has something new submitted. Happy christmas Troisnyx!


2013-12-23 18:17:37

Headphoamz has some incredible work! She definitely deserves something for her awesome work

SoundChris responds:



2013-12-26 21:05:57

That is one beautiful track. Is it real strings? :O So beautiful.

SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot Elitistinen! Glad you like it :D I have used 8Dio Studio Violin and EWQL Gypsy. The spectacular sounds are made with 8Dio, but i would not recommend this vst - its phrase based and its extremely hard and time consuming to cut, transpose, combine anything the way you want. I composed the violin track on the piano and then had to look for phrases that sounded the way i wanted to. Then i had to transpose, cut, combine, ... just horrifying :D I will save some money to get the VSL Solo Strings- maybe the only really ell crafted an full playable violin out there. Just watch the demo video on youtube. The results with 8Dio sound really good, but it just needs far to much time to gt a track together.


2013-12-27 00:38:42

Sent a PM too, but I'm having a hard time expressing my thanks to you over here - that is one amazing piece you wrote. One of my favorites on NG, ever. You are an incredible piano player and masterful composer. Congrats to you on such a truly awesome song, and thanks again for the dedication. Means a lot! ^__^

SoundChris responds:

Hey there phoamz, i really hoped you would like it and am extremely happy now you do so :D You have truely deserved the dedication!


2013-12-28 11:44:44

Hello there, Chris! Have another fan: the golden hundred is in sight, friend! You'll get there! :P

I have to compliment you on choosing Elspeth Eastman (AKA the talented Headphoamz) as your 'Personal Musician'. Vocally masterful, both musically and voice actress-wise, imaginative and indescribably creative: not once have I come across a track of hers and thought, "Oh, but this one sounds kinda like that other one she did...". That is diversity on another level: always striving to create a new sound, and I love it!

Dear Mario and Ascension were two amazing pieces, yes: my favourite track of hers is on a Bandcamp album of hers: it's called Pixel Girl, fantastic track, kind of emotional and playful at the same time.

Anyway, Chris, on the subject of YOUR music: I keep listening to 'Public Enemy Number One' and I never get bored of it. I'm just catapulted back in time when it comes on: love the 'record crackle' effect, too, adds some old-timey authenticity.

I'll be sure to check out your latest piece in full, of course, and give it a rating: from what I've heard already, it sounds magical.

Anyhow, take care, esteemed audio knight, and keep up the greatness!

SoundChris responds:

Hey there PotntApogee! Thanks a lot for your support! Glad you liked Public Enemy - i am thinking of adjusting the cymbal´s loudness / velocity when i will have some more time. Its a little bit to aggressive for my ears. I am sitting on another piano jazz tune right now which will become quite complex and virtuous ... i think i will go to bed now and recover so i can be 100 percent focused on composing again tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for your kindness and i wish you a happy new year my friend!


2013-12-28 19:47:52

I thought I had fanned you during the NADM, but I guess not. +1 fan. Three more to goooo. :)

SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot! Followed back :D Great tracks btw - listening to them just right now!


2013-12-30 21:17:37

Gratz on the 100 fans milestone! :)

SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot! I really didnt expect this could still happen in 2013. Absolutely awesome :D