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NGADM 14 - "Argentinean Memories" & Hitokirito

2014-08-19 05:32:17 by SoundChris

Hey there,

as many of you will have noticed the NGADM 14 has begun and exciting times are going to come for us NG musicians. I also do participate this year again and hope to get a lot of new input and inspiration from this contest. The plan again is to compose in a variety of styles and genre, so if you want to hear more music in the next 2 / 3 months keep the fingers crossed for me and my collab partner plz.

YES! You heared right. This year i have decided to enter with a teammate because i will have a quite busy time - moving to munich, starting a new law job there while starting my studies in audio engineereng ... MAN i am so excited :D This will become a very intense, motivating and .... just awesome time!

My partner in the competition is Hitokirito - a very awesome and talented multigenre composer living in brazil who meanwhile has become a very good friend! He is quite new to NG and i really wished that you supported him to get more familiar with the portal and audio community here on NG!


Yesterday the first rounds submission deadline had passed and we are proud to present our first NGADM track:


Argeninean Memories




We decided to try out something new and created a little journey through the music of argentina - the featured instrument is the Bandoneon / accordion which is characteristic for the argentinean culture. Our idea was to show 3 quite different scenes where the accordion played in very different styles to show 3 different memories from argentina::


Argentinean Memory No.1: "Colores del alma": The first memory was thought to be an intensely sense-driven piece, so it is drenched with this melancholic feeling and hopefuly it will carry the listener through sadness to love and hope.

Argentinean Memory No.2: "Femme Fatale": The second memory is a classical romantic and passionate tango piece about the love to a femme fatale - a seductive woman who´s outstanding beauty and erotic enigma pushes her lovers into an abyss of disaster.

Argentinean Memory No.3: "Milonga Nights": Modern meets old memories, with a more rhythmic driven piece. We wanted to show here how the traditional argentine music influenced the dancemusic of the present and how the accordion is used in modern dance productions.


Last not least i want to thank all of you for your awesome support! I am really happy and excited finally to have reached the 150 fan barrier. 2 years ago when i started here on NG i would never had dreamed of ever having so many supporters. Thank you so much - you guys are awesome and give me a lot of inspiration and the motivation always to try to enter new grounds in music and genres :D


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2014-08-21 13:42:39

It´s going to be interesting to hear the music from my country been played by musicians from other places,The idea itself sounds great.I can´t wait to hear the results and of course I´ll be supporting the project all the way.Cheers man!

(Updated ) SoundChris responds:

Hey there :) The track is already finished and the link is posted in this blog. Here we go:

I hope you as an argentine will like it - we tried our best :D Thanks a lot for your support!


2014-08-22 12:13:02

That accordion is magic, I have to say so. Was it real accordion's record? Or was Ilya Efimov Accordion with note-by-note arrangements?

SoundChris responds:

I took the efimov accordion, edited it very !!! deeply - e.g. i have drawn the vibrato curves, the bellow intensity, the volume and the velocities by hand in a very high resolution, relistened again and again until i found it would feel natural and human. It was an awesome experience and i learned a lot about the kind a real accordion is played and what the performer has to think when he plays the track. Dont know if the judges will appreciate all the effort - we will see :)


2014-08-22 23:20:13

Wooooo! :D Sounds marvelous! It's crazy how realistic is sounds. The effort you put in to your songs is amazing and much appreciated. :)

SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot Ashley - i am so glad you liked it :) The editing was quite heavy but since this vsti is just so great it was an awesome experience to work with it!