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In Transit In Transit

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great track dude. The track really carries a lot of energy, the piano action was enjoyable and the japanese subway background sounds with the ambient elements very interesting IMO for the overall feel. Keep up the good work!

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Tolanmusic responds:

Thank you very much!! I really enjoyed your entry as well :)

Shapeshifter Shapeshifter

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great work my friend! Very Elmanish for sure - i think you nailed it very well. The break when you go for the solo piano cinematic style - well done! I also like it that the piano line has got a modern sound and that you edited the velocities that softly. The only thing that i think would have improved the piece even more would have been to get back to the Elfman Style after the piano midpart and to end it in a monumental way. The A-B-A structure always feels more balanced and usually the listener wants that "the circle closes" and that he finds the way back home to where everything begun. But thats probably just my personal preference.

Overall: Great work as usual :D

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Bosa responds:

Soft pedal can really give you a contemplative and modern sound, which I used here and there in this song.

Of course I love the Danny Elfman style, but it's not my usual choice to go for when I'm composing. I did more of this style of music around a decade ago, so I created this song to tap into my past work for fun. Overall I'm happy with this piece and ready to move on lol

It's great to hear from you again.

Ectisity - New Found Muse Ectisity - New Found Muse

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey there mate - i have read you wanted a review? So be it :D First: I like your panorama editing - gives the piece a very nice feel. Sometimes the strings attack comes slightly (really VERY little) too late, but that happens quite often when using libraries. I enjoyed the track quite much. The integrated risers and all the other "hybrid effects" worked very well in context. For my taste some reverb on the "broad synth" in the chorus part would have been nice. The sound in general is quite wet - thats why that synth feels a little bit too dry. I also would have found it cool to bring in more diversity in feel by adding a midpart that breaks the rhythm / tonality to finally come back to the origin. I really have to confess that i am not knowing much of making dubstep and also of how production in dub / dance / trance / techno usually works, so forgive me if i should have something noob-like :D

IMO a great track which brought me in a good mood!

All the best and keep it up,

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Ectisity responds:

Thanks Chris, really glad you like it :D. I believe all the things pointed out is something that's important in all genres, so no worries there :). I usually have very distinctive and dragged-out breaks in most of my dance tracks, so I wanted to try out shorter and more compact breaks for once. The ideal might be somewhere in the middle :). Reverb is something I've always had a bit of difficulty with as I either add too much or too little, but I'll continue working on it.

Thanks for the Review :D!

Silly Department Silly Department

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Funny little tune - it reminds me a lot of a fun fair. There i probably would have been performed by a barrel organ (check out the one from SonoKinetic - this one would really fit wel for this type of music).

There isnt really much to critizise here. The structure is solid, the mood has been captured very well, it was indeed catchy and also hat a nice chip sound.

Overall very entertaining. Keep it up!

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Bertn1991 responds:

Thank you so much for a kind and thoughtful review :D I will check out this SonoKinetic organ you speak of. Anyways, thanks again <3

Requiem for Neon Light Requiem for Neon Light

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great work! There is a lot of energy in this one. The pace works very well and its also nice that you always try to bring in diversity in the details. If i should recommend something which could improve the track then it would be this:

- Use the full dynamic spectrum to give the track an even more versatile and interesting sound.
- I would do something in the stereo field and write a pan automation here
- some passages could need some reverb combined with effects (gated reverb and stuff like that
- i would insert a drop and bring in a midpart where the beat goes half-step (i hope its called that way but i guess you know what i mean) and do some melody synth passages. i think a main melody that appears at least one or 2 times in the track would ad even more uniqueness

But thats just my personal subjective impression. Great work - i have been entertained well good sir!

All the best,

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SnowTeddy responds:

:D Thank you so much for your awesome review!

This was a strange track to produce. I apologize if the structures seemed quite random. Originally this was intended as a liquid breakbeat, but about 2 minutes in I had different idea for a dark IDM piece. This was my fault that the structures between first part and second part did not seem fit. Transitions were rough. It seemed quite raw overall.

Making pad in Serum was probably the strangest idea I did. After an hour or so I got bored and instead I made arps with them synths. Serum is definitely my best in the arsenal, next to Zebra 2 and Absynth. Many of the synths in lower section were from arps made from AEON. I got tired of the stock arps so I used AEON Melodic and created those melodies.

I should definitely work on more spectrum of the instruments, and more more work on automation. After the conversation on Audio forum with you about automation, I cut my teeth and try using dynamic curve and automation from then on. Still quite shy away from heavily using FX automation like I did on some previous long tracks. But there is always room opens for improvement, and I listen to people's critiques very seriously. :)

Thank you again for your amazing critique. I think you have seen through all the weaknesses in this track, and my defective in music production in general. Thanks. Take care!

~SW~ Thoughtspark ~SW~ Thoughtspark

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey mate,

good to see you are stil active and around! Very interesting and creative track. I really like its very special aesthetics. Great use of effects. Did you draw all the automation by hand or did you use some ducking technique where the drums kick throuch the synth?

I think my fav part is about in the mid of the track where the jazz chords come in. Great athmosphere. In general there are so many hidden details that the listener has to relisten the track quite a lot of times to become aware whats going on in here - and thats really A LOT!

The only thing that i personally do think is that its hard to understand the structure on the track. Not sure yet if its me who just has problemns to orient or if the track itself doesnt follow a clear plot / structure. But thats nothing i complain about. Personally i have been entertained well.

Great job! 5/5 - keep it up!

Best wishes,

SkyeWint responds:

Chris! Hey dude, it's been awhile! :) I'm totally still active and doing stuff - not as much on NG, but still banging around!

I didn't draw *all* the automation by hand. The stuff you were talking about with the bass drum and the pad/bass is sidechaining. I set a peak converter with high tension to the kick, and ran it through a formula that uses the peak of the kick as well as an intensity mod - which is hand-automated. :)

The jazz chords were fun <3 As for details, yes! I try to include a lot of tiny detailing in music - it's like carving something on handrails in the house. Most people won't notice consciously, unless they analyze it.

As for the structure... there's a very deliberate structure (ABCDEFGDH) that doesn't make a lot of sense when I lay it out that way. But, there are melodic ideas that repeat very deliberately to try and weave the whole thing cohesively together - in fact, there are only three variations on one melody throughout the whole piece. There certainly isn't a plot or story, haha! Only thing that inspired it was wanting to make music - and then having a good idea (the start of the dnb where everything drops out). It just developed naturally from there.

Thanks again, Chris! I'll try to review a couple pieces of yours soon when I have time! :)

Dom Hudson x Hollywood Principle - Seeing What's Next Dom Hudson x Hollywood Principle - Seeing What's Next

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good concept and production. Overall the sound is clear and lush while not totally perfect. Sometimes its getting sleightly muddy but its not really a big issue. The vocals are great and sit well in the mix. Were these samples or did you manage to get your own stuff recorded here? For my taste the wobbles could have had a little bit more bite / be a little bit more aggressive. That would have been helpful to get more variety in sound. That also could be achieved by playing with the parameters a little bit more - highcuts, gater, panning etc. Another thing that IMO is underrated in almost all fields of music these days is the dynamics. There is a broad field from pppp to ffff. Use them to make the climaxes more prominent! The strings could have been a little bit more wet for my taste.

Overall a solid piece. 4.5/5 from me. Keep it up!

All the best,

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Spirit of the Wind Princess Spirit of the Wind Princess

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very enjoyable Jake! Its cool that Symphonic Orchestra stil has such a good sound. I mean - its almost a dinosaur. There are a lot of patches that i stil use very often - Penderki Strings, Tubular bells (these from hollywood orchestral perc are weaker IMO), harp, waterdrum, windmachine and so on. Oh btw - dont know if you told me that, but it seems to be a common trick of many orchestrators to add the windmachine in very busy orchestral parts at the climax. It really adds so much power while you cant hear the windmachine itself. I recommedn to try it out).

Joe Hisaishi is great. I think my favourit tracks are the main theme of princess mononoke, nausicaa and spirited away.

Great track. Miyazaki would be proud :D Happy new year to you!

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Snowdrop - Piano Ensemble Snowdrop - Piano Ensemble

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice good sir. Emotionally touching with some very interesting harmonic moves. Simple but effective. I just started to wonder which vsti you used to make it that human until i saw that it actually is a real recording. Keep it up. You are on a good way!

All the best,

SteveSyz responds:

Thank you very much! Learning everyday to improve :D

Prime Evolution (Vs Metroid Prime Creature) Prime Evolution (Vs Metroid Prime Creature)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great track - i really enjoyed it. Nice aleatiroc and hybrid elements in there. Darren - did you do all the vocals? Even the high ones? How did you pitch it that high without getting artifacts? Instantly wanna play Supermetroid for SNES again ... stil one of my fav games :)

Good job you too! All the best,

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Darrenkerwin responds:

Thanks for the comments Chris! To answer your question.. Only the ones that sound natural :P Sam decided to create a 'Darren instrument' for the mid section, which we thought was pretty funny. It was put together rather quickly to meet the 30th anniversary.

I look forward to working on new music soon, so I hope you'll check back again!